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  • Chief External Relations Officer Dave Fortna accepted the CUPPIE Award in Lancaster on 3月 9.


    The rebranding efforts of mg冰球突破’s External Relations Team, which included the “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders” tagline, 获得了巨大的专业认可.
  • 索菲亚,加丹和莱兰妮


    三个高年级学生在博士. 亲属的 世界饥饿 class looked for ways to educate their peers about hunger issues, 并决定, with the benefit of having a Pre-K - Grade 12 student body at mg冰球突破, they would start with some of their youngest schoolmates, 幼儿园.
  • 初中和高中学生自助餐厅.


    2022-23学年都是关于进步的. There have been many articles in the "mg冰球突破" and the "SA in the News" sections of our website sharing the achievements of our 学生, 教师, 和工作人员. mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站身边发生了这么多优秀的事情, it's important for our facilities to grow right along with our people. If you haven't been to campus this year, here's what you've been missing.
  • 哇!Bots团队成员德里克。彭, 亚历克斯·王, 红地印花面纱兰伯特, 赞·麦克莱恩和他们的决赛联盟奖杯.


    On Saturday, 2月 11, four Senior School 学生 from mg冰球突破’s 哇!Bots robotics team traveled to McCaskey East High School in Lancaster to compete in the 宾夕法尼亚第一科技挑战赛 (联邦贸易委员会)红色龙卷风资格赛. 参赛选手包括大四学生赞·麦克莱恩, 德里克。彭, 还有马克希·兰伯特, 以及小亚历克斯·王.
  • 杰恩矿工, 恩典Armutat, 玛丽亚Silvaggio, and 莱昂娇 are Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program of 2023.

    Four Seniors Advance to Finalists in National Merit Scholarship program

    mg冰球突破 proudly announces that all four of its Semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship program of 2023 have advanced to Finalist standing. 恩典Armutat, 莱昂娇, 杰恩矿工, 和Maria Slivaggio等大约15人,全国有000名决赛选手在考虑7,250人国家优秀奖学金. Scholarship award winners will be notified beginning in 3月. 
  • Junior 亚历克斯·王


    八名来自 mg冰球突破 participated in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of 科学 (PJAS) Regional (R7) Competition on Saturday, 2月4日, 2023, 鲍德温高中. Three of these junior scientists will be continuing to compete with their projects at the 87th annual State meeting at Penn State University in mid-五月. 
  • Terry Canonge, Lead Custodian, reading to the 学生 of the Senior School.


    What happens when a college-preparatory institution with a reputation for academic excellence encourages its oldest 学生 to read picture books? 各种各样的乐趣!
  • Seniors Daniel Torres and Lucas Mendonca prepare to sell pulseras.


    The Latino Culture Club at SA supported Central American artisans through the Pulsera Project. 通过他们的指导老师的推荐,Ms. 维拉波斯, seniors Daniel Torres and Lucas Mendonca volunteered to sell the wares of the organization on SA’s campus, 1月13日至28日, with all proceeds being returned to the group and its artisans. 产品包括 pulseras (西班牙语,手镯的意思)和 bolsitas (包)分别为7美元和15美元. With tables set up outside of the Middle/Senior school cafeteria and in the Senior School Commons, 同学们排队购买物品和捐款. Sales were also conducted in the Lower School and during the school’s Taste of SA event.
  • Sophomore Jason Chen on piano and freshman Emma Ehan on flute performed a duet of a Chinese folk song.


    在因新冠肺炎被迫中断后, the 学生 of mg冰球突破’s Senior School were thrilled to once again offer an exciting celebration of multicultural spirit called A Taste of SA, 旨在展示, 庆祝, and educate about the many cultures and identities that comprise the academy’s student body. 星期六举行, 1月28日在学院的Rea礼堂, the entirely student-led event began with a series of performances and presentations by various school affinity groups and outside cultural organizations.
  • SA的西班牙语五班照片发给笔友.


    They say you truly know a language when you start to think in that language and no longer need to consciously translate for yourself. 好吧, SA的西班牙语II, 3, IV, 小V和大学先修课程的学生已经在路上了, testing their grasp of vocabulary and sentence structure by corresponding with pen pals (朋友,通信). 学习是双向的, as the 73 high-school aged 学生 in Spain are practicing their English as they reply to our 学生’ questions about cultural and linguistic differences and similarities.
  • First Merit Scholarship Program in US Recognizes SA Student and Teacher

    作为半决赛选手 Morehead-Cain 优秀奖学金计划, 杰恩矿工, mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站大四学生, was given the opportunity to name an educator who has had the most profound impact on her. 她选择了博士. Ron Kinser, a science teacher, advisor, and coach at the academy for over a decade.
  • 八年级普通话学生表演的舞狮表演.


    As Asian Culture recognized the start of the Year of the Rabbit, 学生, 教师, 和工作人员 at mg冰球突破 also 庆祝d Lunar New Year.
  • Grade 3 学生 drew pictures to illustrate a section of Dr. 马丁·路德·金“我有一个梦想”的演讲.

    SA学生分享博士的知识. 王

    而mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站周一关闭, 1月16日, 2023, 以纪念马丁·路德·金, Jr. 当天,学生们花了大量的时间讨论博士. 王’s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and our country.
  • Students in grades 6 and 8 preparing to tour the workspace at 敏捷的机器人.

    Robotics Team Gets First-Hand Experience with Functioning Workplace Robot

    六年级和八年级的学生组成了机器豹, mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站的机器人团队, 在12月13日进行了一次特殊的实地考察, 2022, 参观 敏捷的机器人 码.